United Asset Strategies is a Certified Employee-Owned Company

United Asset Strategies is a Certified Employee-Owned business, as certified by Ownership Alliance, a nationally recognized organization promoting the value and integrity of employee-owned businesses in America, like United. We are now one of a very small number of firms in the country that are employee-owned and one of even fewer that are certified. 
What does all of this mean for our clients? Well, working with an employee-owned business means you will be working with people who care about what they do and want to see their business succeed. As an employee-owned business, our employees are eligible to own stock in the company, giving our team even more motivation to provide the best service possible.
Being employee-owned means that we at United love what we do. Our team maintains a high level of commitment to our work and to those who choose to do business with us, not just because it is our job, but because it is our goal to be stewards to our clients and to each other. As employee-owners, we see how our actions affect our business and we take pride in the work we do, so we push ourselves to deliver quality service that benefits our clients, our business, and our community.  
It is with the tremendous support of our clients and partners that we continue to take our firm to new heights and serve our community as a Certified Employee-Owned business.
To learn more about what it means to be employee-owned, visit www.certifiedeo.com