U.S. Stock Futures Are Higher as Yields Have Ticked Down A Few Basis Points

United Asset Strategies |

U.S. stock futures are higher:   Yields on the 10y & 30y have ticked down a few basis points and helping futures up this morning.  Overall, earnings season has provided a positive catalyst for equities but investors are watchful of 2022 outlooks; specifically, how firms will manage higher labor costs, elevated input prices and increasing interest rates.   Inflation data is scheduled for tomorrow and the 10y auction is set for this afternoon.  European markets are up, driven by earnings and stabilization of German bonds yields.  The 10y German bund eked down to 0.226% from 0.264%, it has been firmly in negative yield territory for the past year.  Asian markets closed higher.  Global energy prices continue to ease down as threat of military action in Europe diminishes.