U.S. Stock Futures Are Higher After Yesterday's Sell Off In Treasuries

United Asset Strategies |

U.S. stock futures are higher.  Yesterday’s sell off in treasuries contributed to a pullback in equity index prices.  Bond yields are higher as the front-end yield, specifically the 2y, has remained above 2%.  Last weeks’ jobless claims were 187k versus 210k consensus and new order for durable goods for Feb were down -2.2% compared to -0.5% estimate.  Both treasury yields and S&P futures are unchanged after the announcement.  President Biden is in European negotiating a united front with NATO against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Global energy prices are slightly higher and investors are still uncertain about ultimate impact from supply constraints from Russia.  Sanctions against Russian oil are highly expected to pressure crude oil prices and adversely impacted an already elevated inflation.  European markets and Asian markets are both lower.  Corporate funding markets are relatively open and companies continue to raise debt albeit at higher coupons.