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United Asset Strategies Quarterly Insights: January 2024

Markets were strong in 2023, recapturing most, if not all, of the value lost in 2022; this is highlighted in Exhibit 1. This occurred despite consensus concerns for a looming recession, with “the 2023 bull market few expected” representing a recent reminder of why time in markets, and not timing of markets, drives an investor’s long-term financial success. The broad-based strength for the 2023 calendar year differs from the state of the markets through the third quarter, when performance was concentrated in a handful of large-cap tech stocks (the Magnificent 7), with the average stock (S&P 500 E/W) and major bond indices (Bloomberg Agg and Muni) roughly breakeven. So, for most of the financial markets, positive calendar year returns were primarily generated in the fourth quarter, where we saw broad participation across equity style (value and growth) and size categories (large, mid and small) and strong breadth in fixed-income, with strong returns across bond types supported by dropping rates across the maturity curve and lightening credit spreads..

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